This page contains links to the forms you will need during your studies. Please read the instructions carefully before filling in and sending the forms. Please contact the Study Affairs Office if you need any help or advice.

You can find the Handbook for practical training here. Note that there will be a gradual transition to Workseed when creating an internship plan and contract. You can get up-to-date information on the use of Workseed in your training from internship course-specific Hoodle-platforms.

You can find the instructions for accreditation of work experience here.

(Renewed / August 2019. Please do not use old bookmark links you may have saved). After completing the Development Discussion form, you will receive an edit link to the email you submitted (the message is sent by Google Forms). Do not delete the email. In your personal development discussion, your answers will be reviewed, and the timing and progress of your PSP studies checked. If you have lost your edit link, you can ask for a summary of your answers from your PSP coach if necessary. The form is filled in yearly during your studies. It is also a way for you to monitor your own professional development via your answers.

More information on the language study instructions here.

You can find the forms related to Kela’s financial aid for students on Kela’s website.

Accreditation of work experience is planned and agreed upon in the Workseed application. Read the operating instructions in more detail. If necessary, the same form can also be used to agree on work and work life orders in Humak’s RDI projects.

  • Reimbursement of expenses

In some situations, a student may be eligible for financial compensation from an educational institution. These situations must always be agreed in advance with the educational institution. Only receipts are reimbursed and claimed through a separate M2 programme. More information from the lecturer with whom compensation has been agreed.

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