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HUMAKO is Humak's own student body organisation. On this page you will find concise information about the activities of HUMAKO, but you can find out more detailed information on their website. 

What is HUMAKO?

The student organization of the Humak University of Applied Sciences, or HUMAKO, works on behalf of students at Humak. HUMAKO is run by students, and its activities are always planned from the students’ point of view. HUMAKO makes sure that your student life runs smoothly.

Any Humak student can join HUMAKO: a daytime or multiform student, a student enrolled in Open UAS courses or a Master’s student. Membership is worthwhile, as you get a number of student benefits and become part of the student community. At the same time, you will ensure that HUMAKO continues to look after the future of its students.

Contact details for board members and harassment contact persons can be found on the HUMAKO website.

The student body of HUMAKO is made up of all its members. HUMAKO’s mission is to ensure that each member can concentrate on their studies and feel well. Any Humak student can participate in HUMAKO activities, and no previous experience is required. You decide what your student organisation will be like!

Local activities

Local tutors and chapters support students at grassroots level. Tutors give advice and tips on studying and leisure activities and make sure everyone is part of the team. The sections organise events and activities and collect feedback from students.

Find out more on the HUMAKO website.

Representative body

HUMAKO’s highest decision-making power is exercised by the Representative Council, which is elected annually. HUMAKO’s Representative Council is responsible for the largest decisions of the student union, which affect all members of the student union. The Representative Council consists of about 10-15 members.


In HUMAKO, the board is responsible for practical operations. The board runs a membership service, trains local tutors and chambers, and coordinates local activities, as well as monitors the finances of the student body.

Student representatives

As a HUMAKO student representative, you get to the heart of influencing! Student representatives influence the well-being of their own areas of strength as well as their student campus, among many other things. As a student representative, you get to learn new things and challenge yourself.

It’s worth joining HUMAKO in time to take advantage of local and national student benefits as soon as you start your studies! Get cheaper access to cultural, sports, and wellness facilities, enjoy eating out or buy study and leisure equipment at reduced prices. You can browse the benefits on the Slice and Pivo mobile apps for HUMAKO member cards and on the Slice website (in Finnish only).

Read more about HUMAKO member benefits at the HUMAKO website

As a member, you are part of the student community. You can vote and stand for election to the student council or apply for other active forms of student organisation membership. HUMAKO contributes to the smooth running of your student life at grassroots level within HUMAKO and through national networks. The student organisation could not do all this without you!

Please note that you are also welcome to become a member of HUMAKO during your studies at the Open University of Applied Sciences!

HUMAKO has an impact on the student’s daily life in many ways. HUMAKO ensures that the learning environment and the quality of teaching at Humak are up to date, so that students become skilled professionals when they graduate. HUMAKO members have an influence on all matters relating to students.

HUMAKO has an influence in various working groups at Humak, in joint meetings with other student unions and, for example, in the Board of Directors of the Finnish University of Applied Sciences. In addition, the student union’s members take written positions, write opinion pieces, and blog posts, and submit written initiatives to Humak on a wide range of issues. 

Students, give us your feedback!

Feedback is the basis of HUMAKO’s influence. Without it, the student body will not have enough information about what works and what does not. Feedback is passed on to Humak, directly to the staff, to the institution’s management or to the Finnish Association of Student Unions (SAMOK), for example. Feedback can be about anything – from classroom benches to school staff or from HUMAKO’s activities to the content of teaching – anything!

HUMAKO has a feedback form that allows you to give free feedback on HUMAKO or HUMAKO’s activities.

There are three types of feedback cards: a parrot card can be given if someone at Humak deserves praise. A yellow card can be given if someone needs a little shaking up or a comment on their activities. In addition to these, there is a snail card, which can be given if it takes more than 4 weeks after the end of the course to receive course evaluation or feedback on assignments. Giving feedback cards also earns you a badge for your student overalls.

Tutors are available to all Humak students. Tutors come from different Humak campuses, and some may also have experience of completing courses in the Open University of Applied Sciences. When you study at Humak, tutors are available to you at any time!

Your tutor is a student at Humak, so if anyone understands what you are going through during your studies, it is them. Your tutor can give you real-life examples of what to expect from your studies and your student life. If they don’t know the answer straight away, they can help you sort out your problems or refer you to the right person.

How to reach a tutor

Humak’s Hoodle eTutor course

  • Discussion forums and useful links

The tutors’ joint email address:

HUMAKO Discord

  • Discussion forums
  • Events and peer support
  • Tutors available every weekday

HUMAKO Discord is where students find each other! 

With HUMAKO’s Discord server, you can network and chat with other HUMAKO students across campus boundaries. HUMAKO tutors are also active and available on the server every weekday. 

Discord organizes common activities and events for students, such as

  • game nights
  • study circles
  • morning coffee events

Discord is an instant messaging and chat application that works on PC, mobile, and browser. Discord is ideal for remote meetings, game nights, and group work. Activities are guided by HUMAKO tutors and chapters. You do not need to own the games or know how to use the server beforehand.

Join the HUMAKO Discord!

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