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Humak's Study Affairs Offices can be found on four campuses: Helsinki, Nurmijärvi, Jyväskylä and Kuopio. Library services are available on all campuses. 

Tyttö keinuu

Study Affairs Offices are located in Helsinki, Nurmijärvi, Jyväskylä, and Kuopio.

  • Helsinki. The Study Affairs Office is located on the second floor of Valkea Talo (the main building), room C2.35.
  • Nurmijärvi: The Study Affairs Office is located on the second floor of the main building.
  • Jyväskylä: The Study Affairs Office is located in the Helmi building. You will find the Study Affairs Office when you enter the main entrance to the left through the staff door.
  • Kuopio. The Study Affairs Office can be found by turning right from the entrance lobby and walking through the glass doors to the end of the corridor. 

Read more about Student Services here.

The library is available for student use on all Humak campuses. For library addresses and opening hours, see Finna. For more information on the library services, click here.

About printing

Canon multifunctional devices are intended for use by students and staff. Students can purchase a user card with a pre-loaded usage balance of 10€. If required, this balance can be purchased separately.

Canon multifunctional devices are so-called security printing devices, i.e. they only print after the user has authenticated themselves with their own copy and ID card. Authentication is also required before copies can be made. The copy and identification card is user-specific and must be activated on the Canon device.

Identification cards are not disposable, i.e. if a user’s ID is no longer valid, the card can be reactivated for another user by entering a new (valid) user ID and password on the Canon device.

Obtaining a copy and identification card

Students can obtain a copy and identification card from the Study Affairs Office on receipt. A basic fee of 1€ is charged for each card and added to the balance of those who have already purchased a card.

The price of the card is 10€ and a balance of the card price (10€) and the basic fee (1€) is loaded onto the card when it is redeemed. Students can prove that they have made the payment either by showing a printed receipt of the payment or by showing the payment from an online bank, e.g. on the screen of a mobile phone.

If necessary, the student can purchase additional balance (min. purchase 5 euros) by paying the payment to the Humak account.

The payment is made to the Humak account with the following information:

  • Payee: Suomen Humanistinen Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy
  • Account: FI80 1378 3000 2038 08 NDEAFIHH
  • Text: copy card, name, degree (e.g. copy card, John Doe, Interpreter)

Activation of the identification card

The identification card is activated during the first use. Use the card on the reader. The device will ask for the Humak ID and password, enter them in the following form:

  • Username: humahe01 (for example, the username of Heikki the Humanist)
  • Password: verysecretpassword (displayed on the screen as ***********************)

Printing via email

  • Sign in to your Humak email account. Attach the document you wish to print to an email, and send the email to
  • At a Humak campus printing device, touch the sensor with the copy card you have obtained from the Study Affairs Office.
  • After logging in, press ”Secure print” and choose the document you wish to print.
  • Lastly, log out by pressing the ID button.


  • Black and white A3/A4 0,01€/page
  • Color A3/A4 0,10€/page

Printers default to two-sided print and copy.

If you print one black and white page with text on one side, it costs 1 cent, but if you print one black and white page with text on both sides, it costs 2 cents.

Student lunch is available at all Humak campuses. You can get a student-priced lunch at the restaurant by showing your Tuudo student ID or other student card accepted by the restaurant.

Check the websites below for restaurant opening hours. Note: the sites are unfortunately mostly in Finnish. If you have Tuudo on your phone, you can also find the menus on the app.

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