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Welcome to the library! Libraries operate in Humak in connection with campuses. In addition to printed works, electronic collections are available in Humak's online library. Humak's library staff will assist you in finding information and using the library's services.

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Humak’s library services are open to everyone. To borrow books and magazines from the Humak libraries, you must register as a customer at one of the Humak library branches. You can find contact information here.

The Humak library does not have its own library card, but you can register a library card from any other Finnish library. Humak students can also use the Tuudo mobile app as a library card.

However, access to e-resources is only available to Humak students and staff.

The information contained in the customer register of the Humak libraries is only used for the purpose of monitoring loans and no personal or loan data is disclosed to third parties. The register descriptions are available on Humak Finna.

Humak students and staff can register as library customers via the library page in the side menu of the Tuudo mobile app. The Tuudo library page also serves as the library’s digital library card.

On the Tuudo library page you can also:

  • pair your previously registered library card with your Tuudo card.
  • borrow books from a lending machine in Humak libraries.
  • check your loans and renew them if necessary.
  • check branch locations and opening hours.

If you are not already a Humak library customer:

Go to the library page of the Tuudo app → click the Add card button → click the I don’t have a library card button → fill in the form details and press Submit. Please note: You should save the 4-digit pin code you choose in the form. You will need it when using the lending machine.

If you are already a customer of the Humak library:

You can add the physical card you have connected to the Humak library to also work in Tuudo. The barcode of the old card will appear directly on the Tuudo library page. If you do not see the barcode of your card on the home page, click on the Add card button → select I already have a library card → enter the barcode number of your old library card and the pin code from the Humak library.

Read the barcode displayed on the Tuudo library page and enter the four-digit pin code. If necessary, you can click on the barcode to display it on your own page on your phone screen. Some loan machines may require you to adjust the brightness settings on your phone screen.

Reservations made in Humak Finna will be notified by email, not via Tuudo.

Everyone has access to the library and can borrow material after registering as a customer. To find out more about the library’s services and the collection database, visit Humak Finna.

If necessary, Humak’s information specialists will guide you with your search and using the collection.

The Humak campus libraries send each other their material if it is not needed in their own library at the same time. If the material is available electronically, printed material will not be sent to another library.

The collection of the Humak library consists of printed and electronic information materials.

Library collections can be found at the Humak Finna online library.

Thesis database

The theses written by Humak students are stored in the Theseus online library.

Acquisition request

If you cannot find the publication you are looking for in the collections of the Humak library, you can submit an acquisition request to the library.

The e-resources are available without logging in at campuses. Humak students and staff can access e-resources remotely by logging in to Humak Finna with Humak IDs (HAKA login). E-books can be found by limiting the search results in Finna to show only e-books. 

Alma Talent Pro: Business and management library, also Edita

Does not require a separate loan of the book. Books readable in a browser. Books can be read by several people at the same time. In Finnish only.


Mostly Finnish e-books in various fields. Books are borrowed on the service and returned automatically when the loan period expires. Some of the books can be read in a browser and others require the installation of a reader. See instructions.  

Ebook Central and Ebsco

E-books in English. Books can be read in a browser or downloaded to your computer. The number of simultaneous reading rights varies from book to book. 

Online resources 

Humak’s Finna also offers a wide range of openly published material. These are labelled as online resources and you can read them freely by clicking on the link in Finna. 

The Humak library’s guides provide information on information acquisition, reliability of information and its evaluation, source criticism, and copyright.

Library management and development

Anne Holappa, Information specialist, Humak, Helsinki Campus, Ilkantie 4, 00400 Helsinki
+358 50 46 78 405

Anna-Kaisa Sjölund, Information specialist,
Humak, Turku Campus, Harjattulantie 80, 20960 Turku
+358 400 349 395

Sari Granander, Information specialist
Humak, Kuopio Campus, Kansanopistotie 32, 70800 Kuopio
+358 50 518 8512

E-mail addresses are firstname.lastname(at) The common e-mail address of the library’s administrative and development staff is

Humak Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Helsinki campus

Anne Holappa, Information specialist
+358 50 46 78 405

Humak Helsinki / library
Ilkantie 4

The library also serves as the library of Kuurojen Liitto (The Finnish Association of  the Deaf). See the library opening hours.

Kauniainen campus


Humak Kauniainen / library
Vanha Turuntie 14

The library also serves as the library of The Workers’ Academy. The library is located in the media technology building next to the main building. See the library opening hours.

Humak Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä campus

Auli Rossi, Information specialist
+358 40 714 3453 or +358 50 409 3004 (Alkio University office)

Campus Library
Humak Jyväskylä / library
Tähtiniementie 26

Oppimistori library
Humak Jyväskylä (Helmi) / library
Tähtiniementie 30

The campus library also serves as the library of the Alkio institute. The library is located in the main building of the college. See the library opening hours.

Humak Kuopio

Kuopio campus

Sari Granander, Information specialist
+358 50 518 8512

Humak Kuopio / Library
Kansanopistotie 32
70800 KUOPIO

The Campus Library also serves as the library of the Northern Savonian Folk High School. The library is located on the second floor of the main building. See the library opening hours.

Humak Turku

Turku campus

Anna-Kaisa Sjölund, Information specialist
+358 400 349 395

Humak Turku / Library
Harjattulantie 80
20960 TURKU

The Campus library also serves as the Paasikivi-Opisto Library. The library is located on the second floor of the main building. See the library opening hours.

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