Quality work 

In Humak's quality work, the circle of continuous development is applied, where the stages Plan - Do - Check - Act follow each other.

Students, stakeholder partners and personnel are at the center of quality work

In Humak’s quality work, the circle of continuous development is applied, where the stages Plan – Do – Check – Act follow each other. The following picture shows the quality management of studies – the methods of operation with which Humak monitors, maintains and develops the quality of its operations – from the student’s point of view.

Humak’s principles of quality work

  • Our operations are guided by the strategy, vision, mission and values of the Humak University of Applied Sciences.
  • Our operations are based on the goals set in the financial and operational plan.
  • The goal of our quality work is to produce high-level degrees, continuous learning training products that reform working life, RDI activities that serve our industries, and social impact nationally and internationally.
  • Our quality and operational management system is based on the continuous development cycle (PDCA model): plan, do, check and act.
  • Quality work is promoted with a common culture of development, which is implemented through openness, participation and participation opportunities.
  • At the center of quality work are personnel, students and working life stakeholder partners.
  • Quality management and quality work is part of the everyday work of every Humak employee and students.

Responsibilities for quality work at Humak

The rector of the university of applied sciences is responsible for the quality of the entire university of applied sciences’ operations and its development. In support of the principal in the quality work, there is an administrative manager whose task is to plan and organize the quality management of the entire organization and to develop quality work skills. The strategic management of quality operations takes place in the management team. The members of the management team, heads of units, are responsible for quality work in their own units.

In Humak, the quality and operational management work is coordinated by the quality and operational management group (LTR), whose task is to:

  • coordinate Humak’s quality work and operational management
  • develops a quality, feedback and evaluation system as well as operational management
  • prepare guidelines related to quality work and operational control
  • support the management and strategy work of the university of applied sciences from the perspective of quality work and operational guidance

The LTR group also has student representation.

The operation is evaluated every six years with an audit

Humak has been awarded a quality label by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre KARVI. The quality label is valid for six years from June 18 2018. The quality label shows that Humak’s quality system meets national criteria for quality management in higher education and is in line with European principles and recommendations. The Humak audit publication can be found here (in Finnish).

The next time Humak will be audited is in April 2024.

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