Course feedback 

Both degree students and Open UAS students can give feedback on each course with a separate questionnaire. 

At the end of each course, lecturers collect student feedback on the course using a separate questionnaire. A new course feedback system, Spark, will be introduced at Humak in autumn 2021.

You can find the course feedback surveys on the Students’ Desktop, where you can see all the current course feedback surveys for the courses you are studying. There you will also find a summary of the feedback given by all students (numerical replies only) and the lecturer’s response to the students’ feedback after the survey closes. The feedback is anonymous.

During autumn 2021, the old course feedback form will still be in use for some courses. The form can be found on the course Hoodle platform and you can complete it within two weeks of the end of the implementation. You can answer anonymously.

Excerpts from the open feedback may be used in the marketing of Humak’s training courses so that the person giving the feedback cannot be identified.

By responding to the implementation-specific feedback surveys, you help us to improve our teaching.

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