Career monitoring survey 

UAS career monitoring is carried out for those who have completed a Bachelor's or Master's degree five years earlier. The purpose of the survey is to map out the career status, labor market situation, and satisfaction of UAS graduates with a degree. Some of the questions are also used as a way to measure UAS qualitative employment. 

Five years after graduation, you will receive an email with a link to the national career tracking survey, which will find out where graduates have found employment, how their degree has met the needs of working life, and what the career path of a UAS graduate looks like.

Higher education institutions use the career monitoring data to plan and develop their education and training. Higher education students and applicants for higher education can use the information as a basis for personal career planning and to support their own employment. The Ministry of Education and Culture uses the national survey results to assess the quality of higher education and its development needs.

The results of the career monitoring survey for the higher education sector are available on the Finnish National Agency for Education’s statistical service Vipunen. In addition, the results of the career monitoring survey have been compiled in the töissä.fi service. The service includes graduates’ career stories, job titles, and information on working life.

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