Other things to remember about graduation 

There are many things that go with graduation. Please review the Graduate Checklist and other things related to graduation.

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  • You are registered as present.
  • All studies have been completed and entered in Peppi.
  • The thesis has been successfully completed and a grade and a statement have been recorded.
  • The thesis has been entered in Theseus.
  • A maturity test has been completed and marked.
  • Language examinations have been taken and recorded, with a separate decision by the Director of Education and Training on any exemption.
  • The required number of credits of practical training, at least 30 credits.
  • Any interpreting skills demonstrations are marked and graded.
  • Any library loans have been returned and fees have been settled.
  • You have answered the AVOP questionnaire.
  • You have submitted an online diploma application.
  • Humak marks the date of the student’s graduation as the date of signing the diploma.
  • Humak reports graduation information to Kela once a month, so the student does not have to report their graduation to Kela.
  • Remember the 18-day rule, i.e. you have to study for at least 18 days per month to be eligible for student benefits. Please take this into account when you wish/do not wish for a graduation date on your diploma application.
  • During the period of validity of the study entitlement, the student has the possibility to apply for discretionary extra time to complete the degree (e.g. 210 credits = 3.5 + 1 year).
  • As a rule, access rights to information systems expire 30 days after completion (or manual suspension). 

Humak organizes graduation ceremonies twice a year: in December and May. The dates and registration for these celebrations will be announced separately. Diplomas will not be distributed at the graduation ceremony, but will be delivered to the address indicated.

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