AVOP feedback survey for graduates 

All Bachelor's and Master's degree students graduating from a University of Applied Sciences are encouraged to respond to a joint AVOP student feedback survey by UASs and the Ministry of Education. The survey collects student feedback on issues related to teaching and learning, internships and work-life connections, and internationality. 

AVOP Survey

Answer the AVOP survey at https://avop.fi/fi. It takes about 15-20 minutes to answer the survey. Once you have submitted the survey, you will receive a link to the online degree application form.

Log in with your Humak ID via the Haka login (the login view is in the upper right corner). Choose the University of Applied Sciences as the home organization. Make sure that the information displayed (degree, language of completion, UAS, type of education) is correct and proceed to answer the questionnaire. If you receive an error message, contact your Study Affairs Office: avop@humak.fi.

The Ministry of Education and Culture utilizes student feedback in the evaluation of education, in comparisons between institutions and fields of education, and in the planning of education. Universities use the feedback received to develop education and training in different fields of study and degrees, and to compare it with student feedback from other institutions.

NOTE: A Bachelor’s degree student must have 80% of the degree completed (credits must be in the VIRTA data pool at the time of the answer). 

  • 240 ECTS degree limit: 192 ECTS 
  • 210 ECTS  degree limit: 168 ECTS 

NOTE: a student with a Master’s degree must have 50% of the degree completed (credits must be in the VIRTA data pool at the time of the answer). 

  • 90 ECTS  degree limit: 45 ECTS 
  • 60 ECTS  degree limit: 30 ECTS

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