Degree Diploma application 

Humak uses a system of continuous graduation. In practice, this means that diploma applications are processed on an ongoing basis and graduation is possible once the Director of Education has accepted the diploma application submitted by the graduate. After approval, the Study Affairs Office writes the diploma and its appendices. However, the diploma will be delivered to the graduate no later than four weeks after the application has been submitted, as well as the studies have been completed and registered in the Peppi system.

The diploma is applied for with an e-form when all studies have been completed and the completion entries have been entered in the study register. The diploma application must be submitted as an attending student within the validity period of the study right. Please contact the Study Affairs Office if your study rights are about to expire before all your studies can be entered in the study register.

You can apply for a degree diploma by filling out the online application form.

Please note the processing times and delivery of the diploma:

  • Processing times vary from a few days to four weeks (December and May are the busiest months).
  • As a rule, no certificates are issued in July. If the study period ends on July 31 and the assessment is not completed until August, the certificate application can be submitted during July. The certificate will be dated July and delivered in August.
  • For those graduating at the end of December, certificates are usually delivered in January.
  • Certificates are digitally signed and use mobile certification to verify authenticity.

Upon graduation, the following documents are submitted (for the Finnish degree):

  • Diploma certificate in Finnish
  • Diploma Supplement for international use
  • A transcript of records in Finnish and in English

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