At Humak, a thesis is a commissioned work-life development task that is carried out in groups, pairs, or individually. The Wihi tool is used for communication and archiving. All theses are checked for plagiarism on the Urkund service. The completed theses of all universities of applied sciences can be found on Theseus.

Wihi is a tool for communicating and archiving thesis work. It is used to communicate between the student, the thesis supervisor, and the client. The thesis topic proposal, the thesis plan, the thesis cooperation agreement, and the various stages of the thesis process are processed in Wihi, where the thesis is also assessed in due course.

You can find the instructions for using Wihi here.

The thesis guide provides general guidelines for implementation and evaluation. It is intended for both the student and the supervising teacher. The guide also provides information for Humak’s partners in the working world, who act as commissioners and supervisors of theses.

Humak Thesis Manual, Bachelor’s degrees

The Digital Services Act (306/2019) requires all organizations receiving public funding to make their online services accessible. This also applies to Humak’s theses published in the Theseus online library – in other words, almost all theses.

Accessibility requirements for theses

  • Thesis seminars for daytime students and multiform students are usually held four times a year. For more detailed dates, please refer to the theses page on Hoodle and contact the coach of your degree program. 
  • Return the completed thesis to the examiners and submit it to Urkund according to the instructions given by your supervisor.
  • Once the thesis has been approved and passed Urkund, save the completed thesis in the Theseus database. The thesis is saved as a pdf-file with the file name in the format surname_firstname. 
  • Instructions for creating a Theseus file can be found on the Theseus website
  • If there is more than one author of the thesis, it is sufficient for one person to record the work in Theseus. If the thesis has several authors from different educational institutions, each author will save the work in the collections of their educational institution.
  • Humak keeps an electronic archive copy of all theses, either in Theseus or in Humak’s internal archive in cases where online publication of the thesis is prohibited. 
  • For more information about Theseus, please contact

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