Ethics in studies

Humak has a designated ethics committee. Its purpose is to promote ethical discussion, monitor the implementation of ethical principles, and develop ethics in the operations of the UAS. 

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The Ethics Committee is responsible for ethics-related issues

A designated ethics committee has been appointed at Humak. Its purpose is to promote ethical debate, monitor the implementation of ethical principles, and develop ethics in the University of Applied Sciences. The committee meets whenever necessary.

The responsibilities of the ethics committee include:

  • discussing and making recommendations on ethical issues related to studying, teaching and research, and development activities
  • developing and renewing ethical principles and guidelines for studying, teaching and research and development activities
  • providing information on the above matters.

The ethics committee can be contacted at:

Ethical issues related to studies and learning

Humak’s degree regulations specify the legislation relating to UAS studies. It sets out the principles and key guidelines for studying and teaching. Chapter 6 “Other provisions” of the degree regulations describes, among other things, the disciplinary procedure.

According to the degree regulations, “At Humak, the ethical guidelines approved by the President of Humak are observed in matters related to study fraud. As regards the revocation of the right to study, the disciplinary proceedings have been described in the instructions for revocation and restoration of the right to study at Humak, which have been confirmed by the Board of the University of Applied Sciences.”

Ethical issues related to research and development activities

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