Entrepreneurship at Humak

Entrepreneurship is reflected in Humak's coaching pedagogy – taking an active approach to studying and assuming responsibility for one's own work is a key element of entrepreneurship education at Humak. Entrepreneurship is also studied in entrepreneurship studies, which are completed by all Bachelor's degree students for a total of 10 ECTS.

Entrepreneurship studies

At Humak, students studying for a Bachelor’s degree complete entrepreneurship studies for 10 ECTS. Not everyone is expected to become an entrepreneur, but everyone is given the basic tools for entrepreneurship and the opportunity to find an entrepreneur within themselves.

The entrepreneurship studies at Humak are described in the image (below) on the student entrepreneurial path. In addition to entrepreneurship studies, other courses also support entrepreneurship. The image below clarifies the entrepreneurial content of the different courses in the Humak Bachelor’s degrees.

Click on the question marks to find out more about the contents of the entrepreneurship path. If you wish, you can listen to the contents of the text boxes that open with the question marks in the voice or language of your choice. If necessary, click on the ‘full screen’ button below the image to see a larger version.


Through the entrepreneurship services, the entrepreneurship studies have been integrated with the region’s own business services and the national digital business services. Humak’s creative entrepreneurship learning platform Creve allows students, entrepreneurs, job seekers, and workers a platform to plan their entrepreneurial path, regardless of their background. The courses are produced in collaboration between Humak’s different competence areas.

You might also be interested in checking out Yoop, a website that helps you to use entrepreneurial skills as part of your studies. It helps you to identify existing skills and provides information and tips on how to apply for recognition and validation of skills you have already acquired as part of your degree.

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