Internationality during studies 

In international and multicultural studies, the goal is to learn to operate in an international, multicultural environment, and to understand the principles of diversity, global challenges and a sustainable society. As a Bachelor's degree student at Humak, you will complete at least 30 ECTS of international and multicultural studies. 

How can I go international at Humak?

You can complete the international and multicultural studies included in Humak’s Bachelor’s degrees – at least 30 ECTS – in many different ways, both abroad and at home.

Internationality abroad:

  • International exchanges
  • Internships in agreed workplaces abroad
  • Study and exploratory visits abroad
  • Organization of various events with foreign partners
  • Participation in international research and development projects

It is also possible to be international at home through the following means:

  • Working with exchange students
  • Participation in teaching conducted by foreign visitors
  • Working as a facilitator for multicultural groups
  • Choosing international studies
  • Participating in foreign language courses offered by different campuses or other Universities of Applied Sciences

Humak’s goal is that at least a third of students will participate in an exchange period abroad. Joint exchange programmes will be developed in cooperation with international partners.

If you decide to go on an exchange, you must complete the 3 ECTS course International Exchange (VVKV05), which is part of the optional studies. In addition to an introduction to Finnish culture, the course includes an introduction to foreign cultures, the host countries, a partner institution, and a wide range of practical matters related to the exchange.

You can read more about student exchange on the International services page.

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