CampusOnline and other joint studies

As Humak's student, you can also study online courses from other universities of applied sciences via the portal. CampusOnline is a joint digital study portal for Finnish universities of applied sciences, which brings together online courses from more than 20 universities of applied sciences. Humak also has other cooperation agreements on student exchange with universities such as the University of Jyväskylä and the University of Turku.

Sateenvarjon alla studies for Humak students

As Humak’s student, you can also study online courses from other universities of applied sciences via the portal. CampusOnline is a Finnish digital education portal that combines online courses from over 20 universities. Studying is free for all participating degree students (Bachelor’s and Master’s), Open UAS path students and exchange students. You can include credits for the studies completed through in your degree.

Studying at CampusOnline is particularly suitable if you want to complete your studies on a faster schedule, study during the summer, or complete your degree with studies not offered at Humak. Please note that as an Open UAS ‘Polku’ student, you cannot include CampusOnline studies in your studies, as they must be Humak studies in accordance with the criteria of Path studies.

You can study on all year round, over three semesters:

  • Spring, publication of courses and enrolments in November
  • Summer, course publication and enrolment in March.
  • Autumn, course publication and enrolment from August to September

In addition, non-stop courses are available throughout the year, allowing you to study at your own pace, whatever the semester.

The portal provides basic information on courses. The course information includes a link to the website of the university of applied sciences offering the course. There you will find more detailed information on the course and instructions on how to enrol for the course.

Before enrolling, please check with your PSP coach that the course is compatible with your degree.

You can transfer your ECTS credits from other higher education institutions to Humak by searching the credits from My Studyinfo -service and filling in ERPL application in Peppi. Instructions for transferring credits and filling in ERPL application can be found here.

Other cooperative studies

Humak co-operates in teaching e.g. with the University of Jyväskylä and the degree program in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies on the Pori campus of the University of Turku. Humak is also part of the Kivanet network, which offers foreign language studies.

Find out more about the available studies below.

KUMU studies people, communities, and cultures from the perspectives of ethnology, anthropology, and cultural policy. KUMU offers a Cultures, Communities and Change module, 5-20 ECTS for English-speaking exchange students at Humak.

The studies offered by KUMU provide Humak students with research tools and critical analysis of culture and the cultural sector. You can include modules in your degree that will benefit your knowledge and skills, as well as your transition to work or from one institution to another.

Application and selection criteria

The application period for the 2022-2023 academic year runs from 15 March to 30 April 2021. Application form can be found here.

Contact information

  • Education Coordinator Tiina Hemminki (KUMU), tiina.s.hemminki(at)
  • Lecturer Sanna Pekkinen (Humak, Cultural Management), sanna.pekkinen(at)
  • Lecturer Minna Rajalin (Humak, Community Education), minna.rajalin(at)
  • Teachers of the KUMU and Humak teaching cooperation (in Finnish)

KiVAKO, a joint project of Finnish universities (2018-21), has created a wide range of web-based language studies with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The cooperation continues in the form of KiVANET, a network of 26 Finnish universities. The network offers web-based language courses to the students of the network universities.

More information and course selection can be found on KiVANET web site

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Humak: Kim Lindblad,, p. 0400 349 279

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