"Väylä" studies – Secondary education students

"Väylä" ("a lane" in English) studies are meant for secondary education students, who are completing Bachelor’s-level studies at the Open UAS in the field of their secondary education. After completing a vocational degree and the Väylä studies, students can apply for degree studies via a separate application. 

Bachelor’s level studies during secondary education

Väylä studies are meant for secondary education students, who are completing Bachelor’s level studies at the Open UAS in the field of their secondary education. After completing a vocational degree and the Väylä studies, students can apply for degree studies via a separate application. Students can also apply for degree studies via joint application, in which case studies completed at the Open UAS will be credited as part of the degree. 

Currently Humak offers Väylä studies only in Community Education, in Finnish. For more information about the studies, please read the Finnish edition of this page.

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