Open UAS students 

On this page, you can find central information about studying at the Humak Open University of Applied Sciences. Other sections in the Student Guide also include important issues related to planning and completing your studies, so please familiarize yourself with the contents thoroughly.


Welcome, Open UAS student!

Below, you will find general information concerning Open UAS studies at Humak UAS. Please note that the following subpages on the “Studies” page of the Student’s Guide contain useful information for Open UAS students as well:

Study tools include Humak’s Digiavain, which allows students to access various digital tools used at Humak. The Study Skills 5 ECTS course will prepare students on how to use Digiavain in their studies. Please note that it is useful to familiarize yourself with Digiavain even if you are only taking single courses at the Open UAS, or if you are a Master’s degree student.

You can receive a user ID for Humak’s Peppi and Hoodle digital environments by logging in with the service. Log in to the service by using your Bank ID or mobile authentication. Thereafter, you must accept the ICT terms of service, after which you will receive your user IDs and will be asked to set a password. 

You can test your user IDs by logging in to Humak’s digital Peppi service. If you experience problems, please contact

Humak’s Online Learning Environment Hoodle acts as a studying platform. In Hoodle, you will find course-specific instructions, tasks, and turn-in boxes for assignments. Course-specific communications will also take place in Hoodle. Please note that the courses become visible in Hoodle only at the time they begin.

Possible contact teaching and webinar schedules can be found in the Open UAS webstore under course-specific information and in the Learning Environment Hoodle.

Find the instructions for using the online timetable platform Lukkarikone.

Certificate of Studies 

You can download an electronically verified Certificate of Studies: 

  1. Log into Peppi and choose the Student Desktop from the upper right corner.
  2. Select “Student Certificates” from the desktop, choose “New Order” and select the document you want to order. Select the desired language of the document. 
  3. Select the “Documents” tab, where you can print and save documents on your computer. The authenticity of electronically signed documents can be validated at

You can also verify the studies you have completed using the My Studyinfo service. You can create a link to the studies you have completed and forward it to the relevant person, for example when applying for a job or an educational institute.

TE Services

If you need a certificate or a plan about being a full-time student at the Open UAS, you must fill out this form (in Finnish only), then get it accepted by the member of staff in charge of the studies. 

If you need the TEM621 form from the Education Service Provider’s report on the studies planned for the TE Office, first fill in the form with your own information (item 1) and send the pre-filled form in encrypted email to The form and additional information on voluntary studying that is supported by unemployment benefits can be found on the TE Services website.

Financing your studies

Kela’s student benefits are not available for Open UAS students. The following options are available for financing your studies at the Open UAS:

If you are planning your studies as an unemployed jobseeker, you are not entitled to student benefits or the student card.

As an Open UAS student, you are also not entitled to student discounts or a student card.


You can read about student insurances (e.g. during internships) on the Student’s Guide’s page Insurances

Please note that you can still join Humak’s student union HUMAKO as an Open UAS student.

Lecturers collect student feedback at the end of courses with a separate questionnaire. You can find the course feedback surveys on the Students desktop. There you can see all the current course feedback surveys for the courses you are studying. There you will also find a summary of the feedback given by all students (numerical replies only) and the lecturer’s response to the students’ feedback after the survey closes. The feedback is anonymous. Filling out course-specific feedback questionnaires is the best way for students to have an effect on the development of courses and teaching at Humak. 

In addition to course feedback, you can give general feedback related to studies, studying, or Open UAS practices by filling out the Open UAS Feedback Form.

Humak’s Open UAS students are welcome to attend study skills meetings. These meetings provide information on study planning, time management, online studies, reading scientific texts, exam preparation, dealing with stage fright, and other study-related matters. More information on study skills meetings can be found here (in Finnish only).

Guidance and Instruction Services

Questions regarding Humak’s Open UAS application, certificates, and payments can be directed to:
+358 400 349 319
+358 400 349 266 

Service times: Monday–Friday at 9.00–11.00 and 13.00–15.00.

If you have any questions about the content and completion of the courses, you can contact the lecturer responsible for the course.

The guidance and coaching during your studies at the Open UAS is described in the section Guidance and Coaching. The tables found on the page clarify the roles and responsibilities of the different actors in the guidance and coaching process. It will help you contact the right person depending on your guidance needs.

Contact information about the path-specific PSP coach can be found on the Path Studies page.

Student Communications

Course-specific communications take place in the online learning environment Hoodle, although some implementations may also use O365 Teams. You can get acquainted with the operation of Teams in Digiavain, which has more detailed instructions and a list of teams to follow. 

Please remember to install the Tuudo app on your mobile device. Tuudo brings together the information and services most commonly needed by Humak students. 

Communications and information practices for pathway studies are described on the Path Studies page.

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