Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Welcome to study at one of our campuses located within the Helsinki Metropolitan Area: Helsinki or Kauniainen.

Welcome to Study in Helsinki, Kauniainen or Nurmijärvi!


Contact teaching for the semester begins on September 2022 on the Nurmijärvi campus.  For detailed information, please read your PSP coaches’ welcome letter. You can find your timetable on Lukkarikone with the group

ID amkYsp_s22_PKS. Read detailed instructions on how to use Lukkarikone here. You can also view up-to-date scheduling in Tuudo.

PSP Coach

The PSP coaches for the group (available 8.-18.8. and 1.9.-)

  • teacher Jussi Hynninen
    p. +358 504 399 312
  • lecturer Jussi Muittari
    p. +358 400 349 294

During 19.-31.8. please contact:

  • lecturer Tero Lämsä
    p. +358 400 349 363

Study Affairs Office:, 029 451 9253

The Helsinki RDI center (Ilkka) is located in Valkea Talo (Ilkantie 4, Helsinki). Valkea Talo can be easily accessed by bus or local trains. See detailed route information from HSL travel guide. Ilkantie 4 has a moderate amount of parking spots.

The Student Union HUMAKO’s tutors organize various events for students. You can read about HUMAKO and tutoring on the HUMAKO website.


The campus of Kauniainen is located within the premises of the Workers’ Academy (Työväen Akatemia in Finnish) in Espoo, approximately 16 kilometers from the center of Helsinki (Vanha Turuntie 14, Kauniainen). Look up detailed route information from HSL’s travel guide.


The Nurmijärvi campus is located in the Kiljava Institute facilities, about 50 kilometers from the center of Helsinki (Kotorannantie 49, Kiljava). If you are using public transport, the easiest way to get to the campus is by taking a bus from the Kamppi bus terminal. The journey will take about an hour.

The Student Union HUMAKO’s tutors organize various events for students.

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