Degree students

This guide for new degree students of Humak UAS collects group-specific instructions, contact teaching timetables, preliminary assignments, and other general information related to the beginning of your studies.

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Congratulations on your study place and welcome to Humak UAS!

Below, you will find information for new students about all matters related to starting your studies. If you have not yet accepted your position as a student, please make sure to accept it at Studyinfo before the deadline. Please remember to register for the semester after you have been accepted as a student.

Detailed information about starting your studies can be found on our campus-specific subpages for Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Turku, and the Helsinki metropolitan area. If you begin your studies as multiform or online studies, you will find more information under the Helsinki metropolitan area subpage.

Digiavain familiarizes you with Humak’s digital systems

Once you have accepted your position as a student and registered for the semester, you will gain access to Humak’s Digiavain (“digital key”), which introduces various digital tools and methods you will use during your studies. You can access Digiavain even before your studies begin in August – read more here.

In addition to Digiavain, Bachelor’s degree students can self-study the Study Skills sections 1–3 before the academic year begins (Please note that Digiavain = section 3). You can log in to the course’s online environment in Hoodle from August 4 2021 onward.

Need a transcript of your studies?

Once you have accepted your position as a student, registered for the semester, and activated your Humak user IDs, you can download an electronically verified record of your studies. You can download your study record from the student record’s page in Peppi.

If you have any questions regarding accepting your place or beginning your studies, please contact Humak Admissions Services – we are glad to help. You can find the contact information here.

The joint application results are published at Studyinfo once they are confirmed. 

Information about reserve study places is updated in the mornings and in the evenings as study places become available. The selected student will be informed by email. You can monitor your position on the study place reserve queue at Studyinfo.

Once you accept a binding offer of a place to study via Studyinfo, you will be able to register for the semester either as present or absent. Registration is done in the OILI system. You will receive an email confirmation once your registration is received. 

Please note that you can only report attendance after accepting the offer to study at Humak. You cannot report your attendance after accepting a study place conditionally (i.e. when you’re still in queue for another place of study). 

If you do not accept the offer to become a student by the given deadline, you will lose your place.

Student selection remains conditional until we have examined the certificates you stated in your application. For most new students, certificates can be examined through the National Agency for Education’s certificate register. 

Original certificates are only verified for those students whose certificates cannot be examined through the National Agency for Education’s certificate register. Original certificate examination will be done during the first week. The students concerned will be contacted by email in August. 

Please note that the original certificates must be presented upon request.

If your language of education is other than Finnish, you will need to fill out an electronic form about your language of education.

Your language of education is Finnish if you have a Finnish comprehensive school or upper secondary school diploma that includes a grade on Finnish language studied as a native language. 
Read more about language studies.

Kela (The Social Insurance Institution in Finland) receives information from higher educational institutes about the accepted new students automatically, e.g. for the purpose of administering study grants. You do not have to submit a separate certificate of your position as a student to Kela.

If you need a certificate of the commencement of your studies or a confirmation of your studies from Humak (for example for the Unemployment Office), you can request a certificate from Humak’s Study Affairs Office ( Please be aware that it may take some time for you to receive the certificate, depending on how many applications are being processed at the office. Please note that you must accept the offer to become a student and register for attendance before we can issue you a student card.

During your first year of studies, you can be an absent student only for a statutory reason. The statutory reason must be verified by a document submitted to Humak’s Application Services ( within 14 days of the notification of absence. Read more about postponing the beginning of studies and the necessary actions here.

As an attending degree student, you must pay a student healthcare fee to Kela each term on your own initiative. The due date for the autumn term payment is 30 September 2023, and you can pay the fee immediately if you wish. It is not yet possible to pay the 2024 spring term healthcare fee because the amount of next year’s fee has not been confirmed yet.


The healthcare fee finances the healthcare of students in higher education. The health care services for students of university and universities of applied sciences are provided by the Finnish Student Health Service FSHS

You can read more about the healthcare fee on Kela’s website.

Follow this link to see how your study path at Humak is structured. Click on the tags to see the headings and resources for each symbol. If necessary, click on the Fullscreen button below the image to see a larger version.

HUMAKO is a student body organization which serves the students of Humak UAS. You can become a member of HUMAKO and participate in activities organized by the tutors during the summer before the studies begin. The summer activities and other important information for first year students students are compiled in a Welcome Letter for New Students

As a member of HUMAKO, you receive several community-specific and national student discounts. With the HUMAKO membership card, you also receive student benefits for local transport, VR (trains), Matkahuolto (buses), and Kela. As a member of the Student Union, you can also participate in various activities and become part of the student community. 

Read more about HUMAKO and student union membership.

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