Humak has insured its students against damages related to their studies. Find out more about accident insurance, work placement insurance, and travel insurance on this page.

Insurance for student safety

Humak provides the following insurance for its degree students:

  • Statutory accident insurance (40-445-185-9)
  • Internship insurance (16-690-034-7)
  • Travel insurance max. 1 month (16-696-796-3)
  • Travel insurance max. 6 months (16-696-797-1)

The student has to have a Finnish ID number in order to be insured by Humak.

Pohjola Insurance’s customer service number is 0303 0303.

The Study Accidents Act provides for compensation for an accident that has caused an injury or illness and that has occurred to a person during UAS studies. The Study Accidents Act does not require the studying to lead to a profession or a degree. In this way, the law may also apply to students in Open Universities if the study includes practical teaching comparable to work in accordance with the curriculum or degree criteria. 

The insurance is valid only in study-specific and work-like circumstances. Conditions comparable to work include practical teaching comparable to work (teaching according to the curriculum or degree criteria) as well as on-the-job training, internships and demonstration examinations. 

Statutory accident insurance is also valid under the same conditions when the student is abroad for a study exchange or internship. In paid internships, the employer is responsible for the student’s insurance cover.

  If you have an accident: 

  • If you need medical attention, please contact Pohjola Health Advisor service p. 0100 5225.
  • When you contact the health advisor, an experienced healthcare professional will assess your symptoms and, if necessary, schedule an appointment with one of Pohjola Insurance partners. Pohjola Insurance partners are private medical centres offering diverse services and extensive hours. 
  • Outside service hours and in acute situations you can go to any medical practice or hospital to receive aid. Take your Kela card with you, tell the hospital that you have had a study related accident and give the insurance number 78-20000-16271-0.
  • Report the accident immediately to your educational institution, specifically to a lecturer or the Study Office. 
  • Fill out the insurance report yourself at Policy number is 78-20000-16271-0 and Company Business ID number is 1474763-1. Fill out the report as soon as possible. Inform Humak Study Office about the accident and that you have filled out a report. Contact via email ( or by phone (+358 29 451 9253, Mon-Thu between 13.00–15.00). Person in charge of insurance reports in Humak will check your report and only then it will be processed in Pohjola Insurance. Please remember to contact Humak Study Office after filling out the insurance report. 

The treatment of the injury takes place primarily at a Pohjola Hospital, which can be billed directly for insurance. If necessary, treatment can take place elsewhere in the public or private sector.

More information can be found on the Pohjola Claim Help page (employee = student).

Voluntary internship insurance covers property owned, used or otherwise held by an internship company. The internship insurance covers liability, which may also cover property and personal injury caused to another or a third party. The internship insurance has a deductible of EUR 500/2000 (Finland / Abroad). 

The insurance does not cover the policyholder’s or intern’s own property. 

In paid internships, the employer is responsible for the student’s insurance cover. 

The insurance is not valid in the US or Canada.

Travel insurance is only available for study-related trips. Please ask the Study Affairs Office for an insurance card to take with you on your trip before you leave. The card is either sent to you by mail or you can collect it from Helsinki campus Study Affairs Office. Therefore please ask for the card well before you leave. The insurance is not valid without the card!

The insurance includes:

  • Medical expenses for travel illness or accident (no upper limit)
  • Interruption cover (e.g. personal illness or sudden illness of a family member)
  • Cancellation cover
  • Delay and standby cover
  • Assault, kidnapping, and crisis cover
  • Travel insurance (€85 000, deductible 10% / min. €150)
  • Travel insurance (€8 500, deductible 10% / min. €150)

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