eStudent services

At Humak, students have access to an extensive collection of electronic student services. All student services are available online during service hours and electronically certified certificates can be downloaded at any time.

On the Students’ Desktop, you can update you contact details, register for the academic year and implementations, and also print electronically certified certificates. Read more about the Students’ Desktop here.

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The Finnish National Agency of Education’s Koski service (My Studyinfo) contains information about your studies in Finland. The Koski service contains the following information:

  • information on comprehensive school, upper secondary school and vocational schools from 2018 onwards
  • matriculation examinations since 1990
  • higher education degrees from 1995 onwards (there may be exceptions for each higher education institution)

By logging in to Koski, you can view your performance data and share it with employers, for example.

You can view your studies in the Puro service and them elsewhere to be entered in the study register of your home university. More detailed instructions for transferring CampusOnline performance can be found here.

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