Student and applicant services

The Study Affairs Office will help you with your application and studies at Humak and, if necessary, direct you to the right person. On this page you will also find the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

You can contact the Study Affairs Office by email at or by calling 029 451 9253 (Mon–Thu  13–15). You can also make an appointment either on campus (Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Kuopio) or remotely, for example via Zoom.

The student services will help you with matters related to your study entitlement, such as registering for semesters and applying for discretionary extra time, various study certificates, and the graduation process. We can also help you with Peppi and the eRPL tool.

You can contact us for all matters related to your studies, and we will direct you to the right person/institution if necessary.

The applicant services are aimed at those who are not yet students at Humak or who have already studied at Humak and wish to continue their studies. You can find the open applications on the Humak website and at Studyinfo. You can contact the application services by e-mail at or by calling 029 451 9300 (Mon–Thu 13–15). The applicant services are located at the Helsinki RDI Center Ilkka, Ilkantie 4, 00400 Helsinki.

Where can I get a student card? 

Free student IDs are available for all Humak students in the Tuudo app. With your Tuudo student ID, you can get the most common student discounts, such as student lunches, VR (train transport), and local transport discounts on tickets.

In addition, HUMAKO student union members have their own benefits and student cards in addition to Tuudo. Find out more about these on the HUMAKO website.

Where can I get a Kela meal subsidy card?

You can get a student lunch at a reduced price when you download the free Tuudo app. By showing your Tuudo student ID, you can get a student-priced lunch at student restaurants.

I need a VR/HSL/Matkahuolto discount certificate. Where can I get the certificate? 

By downloading the free Tuudo app on your phone, you can show your entitlement to discounts with your Tuudo student ID.

I need a student certificate and/or a transcript of records. Where can I get these?

You can print out the electronically signed certificate in Finnish or English yourself via Peppi. A certificate signed with a certificate issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is equivalent to a hand-signed certificate within the European Union. If for any reason the recipient does not accept an electronically certified certificate, you can request a hand-signed certificate from the Study Affairs Office:

I have completed x number of credits, but I can’t find the mark in Peppi?

The teacher has not yet assessed your performance. If necessary, you can contact the lecturer responsible for the course in question. Course evaluations will usually be sent within four weeks of the end of the course or other agreed timetable.

I would like to enrol on course x. What do I do?

Go to the “Enrollment” section of the Studies tab in Peppi’s Students’ Desktop. Find the right course and register for the course by the deadline. Once you have enrolled, the teacher responsible for the course must still approve the enrollment. 

I have completed all my studies and my coach has given me permission to apply for the diploma. How do I apply for a diploma?

Congratulations! Humak has a continuous graduation system, so you can apply for a degree at any time. You can apply for a diploma by filling in the e-form. You can request a specific date for graduation. Please note, however, that you should apply in good time, as the processing time is approximately four weeks. Please refer to the instructions for graduating students.

How can I get my previously acquired skills recognized?

If you have already acquired competences in line with the learning outcomes of a course, you may be able to have them validated for your degree. Please refer to the students’ RPL instructions first and then contact your own coach.

The RPL is done using Peppi’s eRPL tool. If you have problems with the tool, please contact the Study Affairs Office. 

Can I study on another campus or apply for a transfer to another unit?

You can discuss the possibility of studying on another campus with your coach. In principle, a student can only take the studies agreed in the development discussion in another regional unit if this is necessary for the progress of the student’s studies.

For particularly serious reasons, the Director of Education may, on application by the student, grant them a transfer from one regional unit or from one profile of the same degree to another, at the earliest after the first year of attendance, provided that there is room in the study group. Applications for a change of regional unit or degree profile are made by means of an e-form.

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