The main goal of the Humak University of Applied Sciences is to provide students and staff with a safe study and work environment.

The main goal of Humak UAS is to provide a safe and secure environment for students and staff to study and work. A safe learning environment is a common concern for the people of Humak. Everyone has a responsibility to help maintain safety and to report any safety deficiencies, hazards, threats and accidents that they find. It is everyone’s responsibility to take action to the best of their abilities to prevent, rescue and assist immediately upon detection of a threatening situation.

As a result of the network structure of Humak and the cooperation with the colleagues on the campuses, security management and planning is mainly carried out by the owner of the campus property. In the case of Humak, the Rector, assisted by the Director of Security, is responsible for security. Safety training and exercises are organized for students and staff. The Humak Security Director is also a member of the University of Applied Sciences security group and has been appointed as a contact person with the authorities.

Humak does not have its own premises, which means that Humak can rely on the emergency plans of the colleagues on the campuses. All those working and studying on the premises should familiarize themselves with these emergency plans beforehand, including practising evacuations.

For information on the emergency/rescue plan of Kiljava College (Nurmijärvi Campus) in English, click here.

Call the emergency number and inform the security director

When an accident has occurred on Humak premises, call the public emergency number 112.

Remember these when reporting an emergency:

  • Tell them who you are.
  • What has happened?
  • Where has it happened?
  • Are people in danger?
  • Answer the questions asked of you.
  • Do not hang up until you are told to do so.
  • Jukka Määttä, Rector, +358 400 349 249
  • Karel McLeod Smith, Service Director, +358 40 0738029
  • Noora Ahti, Student Services, +358 400 349 225
  • Timo Sorvoja, International Student Safety, +358 50 411 9578
  • Jarmo Röksä, Communications, +358 400 349 333

The purpose of the Humak safety team is to act as a coordinator in serious crisis situations and to handle crisis communication. The safety team is convened by any member of the team who becomes aware of a crisis. If necessary, the team may also convene other persons as required. The team should meet preferably within a few hours of hearing about the crisis.

Humak has developed recommendations for safer online teaching. The recommendations set out ways to ensure that every student has the right to be treated as themselves in online learning situations, without fear of discrimination or harassment.

Click on the symbols to find out more about the recommendations. If necessary, click on the Fullscreen button below the image to see a larger version of the image. You can access the picture here

Humak’s reporting platform ( is meant for reporting situations regarding safety or quality inconsistencies (for example near miss situations, situations posing a threat or danger, inappropriate behavior, quality inadequacies, or suspect of plagiarism). This platform works in accordance with the Whistleblower directive.

All reports can be sent anonymously and they will be handled as confidential. If you wish, you can leave contact information on the report. The reports are handled by Service Director Anna Mattila and Administrative Manager Titta Pohjanmäki. Further processing might require the informant, the manager concerned and/or the persons reported on to be further heard.

In situations of imminent danger, you should act according to the security guidelines of Humak (Student’s Guide).

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