The operations of the Humak University of Applied Sciences are based on the University of Applied Sciences Act (932/2014). In this section, you will find binding regulations, e.g. degree regulations, for students and the institution.

The Degree Regulations specify the definitions in the legislation relating to University of Applied Sciences studies. It sets out the principles and key guidelines for study and teaching. Read the Humak Degree Regulations.

The SORA rules and regulations deal with actions and solutions relating to unfitness for education. In general, SORA rules and regulations are referred to as the SORA legislation.

The main aim of the SORA legislation is to improve the security of education and subsequent employment and to increase the capacity of education, training providers and higher education institutions to address student unfitness. It also aims to ensure legal certainty for students in the event of problems with their studies and to clarify the rules so that procedures are based on the legislation and the regulations issued under it.

You can read more about the SORA legislation process here.

As a student, you can lodge an appeal against certain decisions made by the University of Applied Sciences. An applicant who has participated in the student selection process can also apply for a correction of the student selection decision.

Please see the guidelines for appeals.

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