IT services 

IT services is responsible for the functionality and timeliness of Humak's information systems, information networks, work stations, and training facilities.

Humak’s IT management at your service 

Humak’s IT management team is responsible for the functionality and up-to-dateness of Humak’s information systems, computer networks, work stations, and audiovisual equipment in teaching spaces. It has an efficient local and remote support service and several IT experts who ensure the smooth running and continuous development of everyday IT-related activities. Humak’s IT department is headed by a Chief Information Officer (CIO). More detailed descriptions of IT services, guidelines, and descriptions can be found on a separate IT page, which you can access by logging in and receiving your student access code.

Once you have accepted a place as a student, you can apply for a user ID from the Humak authentication service. You log in to the authentication service using your online bank IDs. You must also accept the Humak Terms of Use. Please read the terms of use carefully. Write down the username you have received and change your password. Make sure that your login is working before the first day of your studies. If for any reason you are unable to use the authentication service, please contact the Study Affairs Office.

When you create your user ID, you will be given access to several different services. For example, you will have access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office tools. The IT department will organize an orientation session for new students, where you will learn more about the systems and data protection, among other things.

If you have forgotten your password, see here for instructions.

After the end of your study entitlement, your access to the Humak systems and data will expire after 30 days, unless otherwise agreed.

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