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On this page you will find information on how to use a digital degree diploma and how to order a copy of a degree diploma received in paper form.

Congrats on your graduation!

Here at Humak we use a digital degree diploma starting from the 1st of September 2022. The digital degree diploma is an official document signed by the President or the Vice President of Humak and does not require a separate certification. The diploma can be submitted in digital form (e.g. as an attached file) to different authorities or an employer. If the diploma gets lost, a new digital version equivalent to the original diploma is always available. You should create multiple copies of the digital degree diploma file and save them to various safe locations. The official digital signature remains in the saved copies. You can print out copies of the digital degree diploma, but the official degree diploma exists only in digital form. 

You can check the authenticity of a digital diploma with Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s “Validate  document” service or the validation service on Humak’s website. 

You can access your digital degree diploma on Peppi’s student desktop on a tab on “Student’s certificates” page called Degree certificate. There is an instructional video on accessing the degree diploma that gives more detailed instructions on how you can download the degree diploma from Peppi. Your graduation day is the day you submit your degree diploma application. The processing time for degree diploma applications is two weeks on average. You will be sent a message once your application has been processed and your degree diploma can be downloaded from Peppi. After the message has been sent, you have about two weeks to download the degree diploma before your Peppi IDs expire. If the digital degree diploma gets lost or you need a certified copy of it, you should contact Humak’s Study Affairs Office at 

If you have graduated before the 1st of September 2022, you have received your degree diploma as a paper document. Degree diplomas given originally in paper form cannot be changed into digital degree diplomas. If you have lost your original degree diploma, you can replace it with an authenticated copy diploma. A paid request for the copy diploma is done with an order form.

You can also verify the studies/degree you have completed on the Koski service. On Koski, you can create a link that will open to the studies that you want to show and forward it to an organisation of your choosing when you apply for a job or a study place. 

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