Student reporting channels

Through student reporting channels, you can provide feedback and development ideas for Humak's operations. You can provide feedback through either the initiative and quality channel or the reporting platform, depending on your case.

Tell an idea! Take the initiative! Report!

The best ideas for action development often come from the grassroots level, i.e. you, who are dealing with various problem areas on a daily basis in your own studies. Help us improve Humak’s operations!

Below is a more detailed description of which channel you should use in any given case. 

Initiative and quality channel

                  Reporting platform

Help us improve Humak’s operations!
If you have a development idea or an initiative to improve Humak’s operations or want to highlight an everyday quality work, please let us know through this channel with the attached questionnaire.

You can also leave an idea or initiative anonymous if you wish.

Humak’s reporting platform is meant for reporting situations regarding safety or quality inconsistencies (for example near miss situations, situations posing a threat or danger, inappropriate behavior, quality inadequacies, or suspect of plagiarism). This platform works in accordance with the Whistleblower directive.

In situations of imminent danger, you should act according to the security guidelines of Humak.

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